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Why choose GSS?

Why choose GSS?

Home away from home is the mantra we follow at GSS JAIN GURUKUL we leave no stone unturned to make our children happy and contented. We are one of the top ten schools in India and we are known for the best International school in Chennai. We provide quality education and bring out the best in our children we keep in mind their thoughts, interactions and behaviour and become their best friends. We believe that the children’s education is our mission and we strive to make their future better we provide world-class education and are known to be the best boarding school in India.




Sports and physical education plays a vital role as academics and these activities include Volleyball, Tennis Court, Football Field, Basketball Court, Cricket Turf and Athletics.



We are one of the top boarding schools in India and nature lovers too we believe in protecting the environment and love planting trees we have built an organic garden, fruit orchard, herbal garden and a plant museum. GSS Jain has made the way to the International School in India and we openly manifest evolution by creating a plant museum as an extension of the organic and herbal garden we have set up a lab for botany which help students learning.



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