Why are we one of the top CBSE schools in Chennai?

Why are we one of the top CBSE schools in Chennai?

Trust us, GSS Jain Gurukul is one of the best schools you could find in Chennai for your child.
We will show you why?

Our Education:
We never settle for mediocrity and preaching to our students. Our faculties strive to make our students travel beyond education. We make sure that your child gets inculcated with discipline, punctuality, perseverance, good qualities, and values with our teaching methods.
We believe that those values equally contribute to building a good life as education does.

The Sport:
Getting involved in sports activities provides your child a healthy break from getting stressed out. Sports is a fun way of gaining back all your energy for the mind to function even more efficiently.
It also increases the focus of your child ends up in them scoring well in their academics.

Appreciation to the art:
Art is a much-needed activity to stimulate and feed your imaginative and creative side, to make your mind feel pleasurable. It is more relaxing and also a self-caring way to get entertained.
We have qualified faculty to teach them Singing, Dancing, Drawing, and so on.

Students’ Safety:
The whole campus is under CCTV surveillance 24/7, For the safety of our students.

Choose us:
By now you would have known why we are one of the best gurukulam school in chennai.
Choose us, and choose the best for your child.