Today’s Achievers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Today’s Achievers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Today’s Achievers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Vidyalaya believes that the World is the Student’s stage. This is their opportunity to flourish and make their stance. Every student studying at GSS has an enriching journey that has developed them and enlightened their knowledge. The institution paves the way for students to get better at leadership qualities, time management, social interaction, communication, and resource management. It is imperative that students flourish and look forward to making a difference in the community.


In today’s world, students must look at themselves as a complete individual – keen concentration on different verticals is crucial towards paving the path for their successful future. The renowned school ensures IGCSE – an international-based curriculum is the best for the children’s development and growth. IGCSE is established by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, recognized worldwide and emphasizes centric education. The focus and preparation ensure that students are ready to face the real world, as a hands-on approach with a focus on knowledge and making mind creative for learning. The curriculum requires your time, effort as it is focused on application of knowledge rather than learning theory. The curriculum helps individuals to focus on courses like International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the North American APT.


Being one of the Top Boarding Schools in India, we are honoured to serve our students and instil the values and ethics of humanity. GSS is one of the IGCSE Schools in Chennai that ensures students learn from the knowledge that is inculcated into them. The friends, memories, and values the young minds have imbibed will be a part of them that they can cherish for a lifetime. The International School is a multi-cultural place and the curriculum is well-designed, hence prepares the students for life. By joining the extra-curricular activities the students will be able to develop their self-confidence and make new friends. The aim here is to create thoughtful leaders through holistic education and constant learning.


GSS is a Residential School and is considered to be one of the best boarding schools in India. With state of the art facilities that facilitate easy and comfortable living, the school tends to stand as a beacon of light and a yardstick to other schools. Being one of the best residential schools, the institution must keep up with international standards. We encourage students to look forward and learn from their mistakes – if not, then how are they supposed to develop and evolve and humans? To Moving Forward towards a world filled with Peace and Solidarity!

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