Rules and Regulations

A Model Code of Conduct for Teachers and Learners

Rules and Regulations
  • Honesty and integrity must be practiced by both teachers and students during all aspects of the educational process.
  • Teachers must fulfill the commitments made at the beginning of a course, rotation, or any other learning activity.
  • Students are responsible for regular attendance and participation, for completion of assignments.
  • Teachers and students must foster an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Teachers should ensure that their grading practices are as objective as possible by creating and adhering to clear and specific criteria.
  • Teachers must maintain a high level of subject matter knowledge and assure that the content of the educational experience is current, accurate, representative, and appropriate to the position of the learning within the students’ program of study.
  • A pedagogically competent teacher communicates the objectives of the educational experience to students.
  • Student grades, letters of evaluation, attendance records, and private communications are treated as confidential materials which provides that a student’s educational records will normally be released only with the written consent of the student, subject to certain limited exceptions.
  • Teachers respect the dignity of their colleagues, including those in other medical specialties and other disciplines, and work cooperatively with colleagues in the interest of fostering student development.
  • Teachers must recognize the unique and changing role of medical and graduate students as they progress through the various stages of the curriculum.
  • Teachers and students must recognize that demeaning comments and public humiliations are unacceptable.
  • Teachers and students must be familiar with and compliant with the Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity in Educational Programs.
  • Teachers and students must be familiar with and compliant with the Policy on Amorous Relationships with Students.
  • Other behaviors which may give rise to charges of discrimination or harassment under Policies.