Message from Chairman

Residential School in Chennai
Er. P. Gautam Vaid

Hony. Secy., Shree Mahaveer Jain Kalyan Sangh & Chairman,
GSS Jain Vidhyalaya

Education is to be purposeful and enjoyable. Global link and Global Citizenship is the order of the day, with aspiration to create a Civilized World of Peace & Prosperity. Hence the future Generations will depend on the inputs of the Present, like how the Present being driven with the rich Heritage of the Past. Our Country is blessed with ancient and glorious Civilization, full of Knowledge, Ethics and Spirituality, imparting the best Education to the entire World, through several Gurukuls and Universities which existed all over our proud “Bharat". Hence it becomes now our responsibility to extend this aura of imparting Right Knowledge with the same Spirit and Objectives, to the young Nascent Minds, illuminating their Future. “Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Gurukul" is being established by the Philanthropic Educational Society, Shree Mahaveer Jain Kalyan Sangh, Vepery, Chennai-7, in commemoration of its Golden Jubilee Year (2016–17) and also in the 125th Birth Anniversary Year of an Enlightened Great Yogiraj, the Jain Saint, Acharya “Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Maharaj", our Spiritual Guide. It will also fulfil the dream of our Founder Secretary JainaRatna late Sri. U.Pannalalji Vaid and All his highly spirited & dedicated Teammates, as a result of the bold initiative taken by our President Sri. G.Vimalchandji Jhabakh IRS (Retd) and supported wholeheartedly by All Office Bearers & Committee Members. This Gurukul will teach and train young Children starting from Grade IV onwards, the Art of Living and making others Live-Happily, Peacefully, Gracefully and thus Rich fully.

It will be fully Residential with Guru & Shishya staying on Campus, set to follow Guru Shishya Parampara, as far as possible. The educational system in our Gurukul will be a blend of the latest and the Ancient, preserving the universal core values, which produce Self development & Human Excellence. The Gurukul having a Spacious Campus is located in an Educational Hub of the Past (Mahabalipuram / Thirukkazhukundram) famous for Knowledge Schools run by Jain Munis approx 2000 years ago during the Sangam period, and thus charged with the positive vibrations of spreading the flame of Knowledge. It has a calm, pleasant and serene environment most suitable to kindle and ignite the Passion for seeking Knowledge. The Talent of the Gurus and Systems of Training is visualized to be superb, with expert Management. The food, accommodation, comforts, Academic Infrastructure, Sports, cultural and other Recreational facilities are to be good and comfortable, in a cost effective manner. Thus our GSS Jain Gurukul to follow IGCSE curriculum, employing all the modern systems as teaching Aids is expected to be shaped as one of the best Models of an international Residential School adopting Indian Values and Jain Principles of Education, to create “Universal Love, Universal Peace & Universal Brotherhood" so that All can “Live & Let Live" through “Right Knowledge, Right Faith & Right conduct"

Wishing for the BEST ALWAYS
P. Gautam Vaid