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A library always reminds us that there are good things in the world. It is a paradise in itself filled with knowledge and information that can not only change a person but the whole world. It, infact, indeed is the richest and most treasured place in our gurukul. With a combined effort of our academic experts and management, we’ve built a library with the best materials and books for our students. We take utmost care in making sure that our students get access to the right source of information that would help in their academic and informational growth.

A well-equipped library plays a huge role in a student’s life. It acts as a catalyst towards their intellectual growth and will enable them to be more curious and hence, learn more. The library is furnished with comfortable seating and a silent reading environment which helps in concentration and making reading pleasurable and therapeutic. With the library experience we provide, reading will soon become a student’s favourite thing to do on campus.