Liberal Activities

Life Skills

Life skill vary and we building them into our learners right from whether it is finding Information for them, in the home activities, employment activities, staying healthy for their upliftment, public speaking, protecting themselves, how to deal with critical situations, entertainment , concepts, and how can they be help to society all falls under life skills development


With the liberal arts, students develop perspective towards, polices and practise, course proposals and forms of assessment that properly serve this purpose are thereby justified, while policies and practises that do not properly serve this purpose are not justified. Students learn to develop perspective in a three dimensional way to analyze and understand other point of view and appreciate the same to make wiser decisions.


Music transcends the classroom, the concert stage, and professional recordings. It pervades life. Mankind has long used music in all sorts of ways, to celebrate, to lament, to dance, to pray, to soothe or arouse, to woo, to infuse courage and terrify an enemy, to commemorate, to unite a community. At Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Gurukul we strive to bring out the most talented musicians from our students.


We integrate dance into liberal arts to bring about the creativity in students. Elements of dance practices are mutually informing. Students take tips on multicultural movement techniques, improvisation, choreography and dance history to bring about engagement.


Drawing helps our learners to take new bold steps. They explore the tradition of painting and drawing, while taking new bold risks to develop their voice as an artist. The Painting/Drawing Program encourages innovation and experimentation while also familiarizing students with critical and technical skills necessary for displaying the same to the outer world.

Craft Work

Craft work is for learners who are young in heart. The art and craft activities at our gurukul cover a wide range of subject for our learners. They are not jus arts and craft work but they are fun for the whole family too. Our selection of art projects for kids, DIY activities, and decoration ideas provide excellent inspiration.


Every learner needs experiences that match his or her developmental level, and a simple piece of soft clay is a perfect match if the learner is ready.  If they can notice a change in the clay, they are learning that their actions have consequences.  This is empowerment. It encourages more experimentation. The learner’s brain is taking shape along with the clay.  Such self-initiated activity can be the perfect match for the developmental needs of the child.  Clay stimulates the learner’s curiosity. Intelligence, imagination, and creativity are engaged and fostered.  Many new neurons and synapses in the brain are being generated when a learner is engaged by the immediate tactile and visual feedback provided by clay.