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GSS JAIN GURUKUL international School established with an aim to shape a generation of brilliant minds is widely regarded as one of the foremost schools in Tamilnadu. Rather than giving preference to rote memorization techniques, we strive hard to lay a strong foundation of the core subjects by imparting education in an engaging manner with the help of subject specific kits.

We aim to create a healthy balance between academic training and extracurricular activities for a wholesome development of our students, owing to which GSS JAIN GURUKUL towers over its competitors.

Our Curriculum, designed by In-house experts, stresses on blending classroom learning with real-world experiences and in this regard, we arrange frequent field trips. Boosting the self-confidence of children is one of our main priorities, which we achieve by making their participation necessary in various activities like Music, Dance, Quiz etc., to draw out and polish their innate talent.

Some of the highlights of our uniquely designed curriculum are:

  • We follow a hands-on learning approach, using visual aids and subject specific kits.
  • Focus is given on personality development and improving social skills, by conducting programs such as Public Speaking, Reading Program, Dance etc.
  • To familiarize children with advanced technology, we’ve included Robotics as part of the curriculum.
  • Assuring Safety and parent involvement: We have made it sure that all the campuses are under constant CCTV Surveillance.
  • Having a student exchange program, so that students can learn about different cultures and imbibe better academic values through global exposure.
  • Our campus is equipped with world-class infrastructure, and the environment is conducive to efficient learning.

Gss Jain Gurukul school is notably one of the best international schools in the district of chennai that brings back the gurukul system of learning with global educational standards. We strive to establish a harmonious relationship between a guru and a shishya, enabling a life-long bond that would bring out the best in both students as well as the faculty.

At Gurukul, we focus on strengthening the child’s overall personality with international education, life skills, and co-curricular activities. We strongly believe in grooming a child’s personality holistically into the best version of themselves, instill core values and morals as well as provide them with quality education that would provide them with the necessary life skills.

Through various curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as Yoga, Sports, Organic Gardening, Music, Dance, and Sculpting, each student at Gurukul is groomed holistically into a best version of themselves. With 20 learners per learning center, each student is given personal attention and care. We help and motivate our students to develop their interests and hobbies into viable future opportunities and not restricting them to just academic excellence.

At GSS Jain Gurukul, we strive towards providing each child with a better future and necessary life skills that would enable them to grow and achieve greater heights.