How To Select The Best CBSE Residential Schools In Chennai?

How To Select The Best CBSE Residential Schools In Chennai?

 CBSE is one of the most excellent boards in India and the syllabus makes it an even greater choice of educating your child.

So, Let’s discuss how to select the best CBSE residential school.


Talking about the faculties, They must implement more innovative and interesting ideas for the students to make them not just to study, But to make them learn the subject with an involvement which makes them future-ready.

ECAs & Sports

Extra-Curricular activities are as important as studies in a child’s life, This where they enjoy, build their creativity, and become healthier both physically and mentally. So parents have to look for a school that equally encourages their children to actively get involved in ECAs such as athletics, yoga, martial arts, fine arts, etc.,

Values & Discipline

Values and discipline play a major role too while selecting a perfect school. This is a major part of education to be preached and inculcated within the children while they are young So that they will grow up to be a respected person in society.


Lastly, the infrastructure students need a peaceful and calm surroundings to study. And an appropriate environment to perform their ECAs. Giving them a best-in-class infrastructure makes their studies easier, and makes them discover new ideas and methods to study.

Why GSS?

If you are looking for all these and want to come up with the best for your kid,  GSS Jain Gurukul is the right place for them to shine. Our faculties handle them in a highly encouraging manner and Our Infrastructure gives them the right environment to study and explore all their talents. So we give your child the best they deserve and the choice is yours.