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A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. It is a proven fact that a healthy and rich diet is essential for everyone and especially for children in their formative years as it aids in their development. After collaborating and discussing with various nutritionists and doctors and following the gurukul way of life, we concluded in providing vegetarian diet for everyone at GSS Gurukul. A vegetarian diet provides the right amount of nutrition that aids in the development of not only the body but also the mind, especially for children. The nutrition derived from plant based diet is optimal for a healthy lifestyle as well as is sustainable and eco-friendly. The menu at GSS has been set by a team of experts, student representatives and chefs keeping in mind a child’s growth. The kitchen and dining hall adheres to the standards of hygiene and is equipped with modern facilities as we aim to provide nothing but the best to our students. With lunch along with healthy snacks to our students and staff, we provide everyone with a healthy, balanced diet.