1. What will be the kind of accommodation? How many children will have to share room?
It is a hostel with 4 bathrooms in each block; it can accommodate 10 -12 students.
2. When would be the holidays during the year?
As per the academic planner. There may changes if required, since it is a residential school.
3. What will be the kind of teaching and curriculum?

CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) Lower Secondary and IGCSE International Curriculum. Teaching and learning is application oriented enhancing critical and analytical thinking. An entrance exam is conducted for admission which begin from November.

4. What would be class timings during the day?
As per the schedule given on the website with minor variations, if any.
5. What would a typical working day be like?

Our working day starts at 05:30 am with activities like sports, yoga, breakfast, academic classes and preparatory classes and ends with dinner, and occasional relaxation time in between.

6. What will be the kind of food?
It will be simple pure vegetarian, nutritious food.
7. How many students will be in a class?
The octagon-shaped classrooms are designed for a maximum of 24students, which would be the maximum capacity of a class.
8. What are the kinds of sports facilities?
Hockey, football, tennis, cricket, volleyball, athletics track, swimming apart from the indoor games
9. Whether any concession in the fee structure is possible? Any scholarship?
We do not have any scholarship scheme as of now. The concession is at the discretion of the Management.
10. When can we visit the school campus? Whether you would arrange for a visit?
You can call up the School office or the numbers provided on the website to book an appointment for visit and plan for a visit.
11. Will cellular phones, video games, tablets, laptops, personal eatables be allowed?
No electronic gadgets will be allowed, as we do not want the child to get diverted or distracted with his packed day of schedule& miss out on anything.
12. If mobiles are not allowed, how should we contact our child & how many times in a week?
For child till he/she gets settled, we would allow him/her to call initially as and when required. However after a month, phone calls would be allowed only on fixed days which will be communicated to the parents.
13. When can we visit the school & how many times in a year?
A day visit on Sunday only, can be done once a term with prior permission from the school Director.
14. Are parents allowed to stay overnight at the school with the child?
Right now we do not have the provision for an overnight stay for any guests. However there are quite a number of hotels/resorts in the near proximity, where one can stay over if they wish to.
15.Will there be any school excursions?
There might be. Parents will be informed accordingly. Parents to pay the cost of the excursions
16. What is the Fees structure?
It is Rs.2, 50,000/- per annum which will include tuition fee, hostel fee, mess fee. The book cost and examination fees in Checkpoint (grade 8)and IGCSE (grade 10)will be charged as per actuals stated by CAIE .UK. Other required stationeries need to be brought by the child.
17. Will a student be taught any Jainism mantras/shlokas?
The child will be taught Universal core values & all the core values have a strong connect with Jainism. Mantras will be played in the background at appropriate times.
18. Once the term is over, will the school drop the child to the city?
We would like to meet the parent of the child when the term gets over. No facility of dropping the children to the city is planned for now.
19. Is there any medical facility available inside the campus?
Yes, there is a dispensary with first aid and common medicines. For any emergency the student is rushed to the hospital.