Spread across 16 acres in the outskirts of Chennai, Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Gurukul is a golden jubilee project of Shree Mahaveer Jain Kalyan Sangh. We Follow IGCSE Syllabus. The learning is based on modern methodology by optimizing the curriculum into learning cards, octagonal learning centres, sports facilities, liberal arts, living in nature etc. We have optimized our classrooms to 24 learners per class and 12 residents per dormitory.

Latest Facilities

GSS Jain Gurukul is aesthetically designed with octagon learning centres, labs, library, assembly hall and amphitheatre. It is horizontally laid for the comfort of the learners. It has also centres for liberal arts like music , dance, drama, visual arts, research work, SEWA and perspectives , life skills also for developmental activities.

Sports Facilities

Volleyball, Tennis Court, Football Field, Basket ball Court, Cricket Turf, Swimming pool and Athletics.


Organic garden, Fruit orchard, Herbal garden, Plant museum and Sculpting art.

Astronomy club

The astronomy club was formed so that our learners can explore the sky during day time. Virtual venus, birthday stars, exploring lunar phases with day time moon , following the footsteps of Galileo: observing the moons of the Jupiter are few of the activities followed in our astronomy club.

Kala kunj

Kala kunj comprises of all activities related to dance, music and art. Our learners spend atleast 90 minutes in this club to get them skilled in the field they are interested in.

Science park

We have opened science park in our school to create awareness and educate our learners on science and technology to supplement science education in schools to foster a spirit of scientific enquiry among our learners. We will conduct workshops, hobby courses, science fair, popular science lecture among the learners.

Evolution park

Evolution park tracing the origin of life on earth has been opened in our campus for our learners to understand them right from the single cell organism to present day with special focus on Jurassic periods

Plant museum

At GSS Jain gurukul, as an extension of Organic garden and herbal garden, we have also set up plant museum which will also serve as lab for botany. Our learners will start observing and noting down the different types of plants which has been planted and set up here for the learning.

64 kalas

We at Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Gurukul, train our learners on 64 kalas, mentioned as chausath kalas i.e 64 kalas in ancient textures. The word kala has been used in very wide sense covering drama, dance, literature, fine arts etc. These kalas are taught to learners to make them much more refined, intelligent, smart and well rounded.