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GSS Jain Gurukul is home away from home where students interact and explore the ancient education system and develop in academics and co-curricular activities with the international syllabus. We create a community for leaders.

Admissions for 2021 - 2022

(Class I to VIII for both Boys and Girls)

About GSS Jain Gurukul!

Spread across 16 acres in the outskirts of Chennai, Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Gurukul is a modern International School. Our Learning is based on by optimizing the curriculum into learning cards, octagonal learning centres, sports facilities, liberal arts, living in nature etc. We have optimized our classrooms to 25 learners per class.

Academic Block

Aesthetically designed academic blocks with octagon learning centers, labs, libraries, assembly hall and amphitheatre. It is horizontally laid for the comfort of the learners..

45 Minutes Learning

Our 45 minutes learning has been scientifically divided into talking time, movement/observation time, understanding time, reading time, worksheet/writing time and recapitulation time..

8 Principles of Education

We emphasize on learning process than teaching methods, which would follow Vigyan, Vinay, Bahuman, Upaman, Kaal, Vyanjan, Arth Tadumara and Anidyanavan..

Facilities in Our International School

Choose GSS Jain Gurukul International School

The International School Is Spread Across 16 Acres (700000 Sq ft), away from City’s buzz. Natural and Pure Air with Green Environment near Chennai City..

Holistic Learning

5 H Learning method is were the class is divided into 45 Minutes Learning.Your child gets to learn in scientific way and understand the subjects.We follow CBSE Syllabus.

Digital Classes

Our Students learn through Video and Audio lessons, ebooks and learning cards with Laptop.

Co-Curricular Activities

We have Organic Gardening, Fruit Orchard, Herbal Garden, Plant Museum

Sport Facilities

We have Cricket Turf, Volleyball court, Tennis Court,Basket Ball, Swimming Pool, Skating, Indoor Games,Athletic Track and Karate Classes.

Liberal Activities

Dance, Music, Yoga, Life Skills,Cooking Classes, Fashion Designing, Drawing Classes,Creative Writing and Art & Craft Classes.


Amphitheatre, Research Facilities,Field Trips, Astronomy Club, ICT Lab,Language Lab, Robotics, World Class Library and Much More.

Spiritual Activities

We conduct Value Education, Human Values, Bhajans, Interactions, Yoga and Meditation.