Why Choose GSS?

Boarding school is a boon to a student who wants to set up a strong foundation for his professional and working life. They enforce discipline, develop extra-curricular activities, and develop work education and life skills.

Boarding school, in general, offer many skill development and extra-curricular activities. Particularly in India, there are many activities other than regular studies are being offered to the students. This Infographic shows few of such facilities offered in Boarding schools that too, particularly in India.

Classrooms :Digital Learning Enabled Comfortable Classrooms

Academic Block: Aesthetically designed academic blocks with learning centers, labs, libraries, and assembly hall.

Amphitheatre :Amphitheater to Conduct Programs and Functions

Dormitories: Comfortable Dorms for the Healthy Stay of Kids

50 Minutes Learning: Scientifically divided classroom timings to talk, Move and Observe, Understand, Read, Write and Recapitulate.

Art and Craft Classes: Art and Craft Classes to bring out the creativity in Kids.

Dance Classes: Dance classes to for improved physical health and improved self-esteem.

Drawing Classes: Arts and drawing classes help kids to express themselves better than other subjects.

Music Classes: Music Learning supports all learning. It helps children excel beyond the basic ABCs.

Origami: Provides mental and physical stimulus with exercise.

Work Education: Helps to have a cleaner connection between school and work.

Life Skill: Helps to find new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Creative Writing: Develops Self education, Self-Expression and Self Confidence.

Robotic Labs: Robotic Classes to prepare them for future.

Yoga Classes: Yoga Classes to increase muscle strength, tone, and flexibility

At Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Gurukul, we take utmost care of your children. We have developed these facilities to lay a strong foundation for their future work life and career.

Every facility and extracurricular activity provided in the school is useful to the student in one or other way for his future. We take them on field trips to various places so that they get a great outer world exposure and gain knowledge from these trips.

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