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At GSS Jain Gurukul, our primary goal is to impart quality education to young learners from grades IV to XII. Since its successful affiliation with IGCSE, students that are already under IGSCE, ICSE and State Board with English background can join GSS Jain Gurukul to further increase and polish their skills. Our school provides a serene environment that paves the path to holistic growth of the young students! At GSS Jain Gurukul, we nurture them to learn in a pragmatic fashion that can help every student find their hidden talents. We do not just want our young students to be academically strong, but to become creative and critical thinkers who come up with loads of innovative solutions!

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1. Transfer certificate from recognized English medium schools both from within and outside countries along with cumulative record of academic and collateral activities.
2. Placement test ?which includes language skills, Conceptual knowledge and mathematical calculations.
Answer the test for which admission is sought.
Answer paper can be sent in speed post or send scanned copy via email .
3. Self appraisal of the student and the parents include all aspects for us to understand the learner.
4. Preferred choices of – Second language ? Hindi/Tamil/ French . Third language ? Hindi/Tamil/French
5. Performing arts ? Music/Dance/Drama
6. Special activities ? Karate / aerobics
7. Any Food allergies/ physical complaints / special care to be taken
8. Medical certificate from family doctor about his/her health including all aspects of health.
9. 30 passport size photographs. 2 affixed on the application form
10. Parent and Student under takings which includes to participate in all activities of learning, discipline and cordial relationships. Parents to pay fees in time.
11. Local guardian address if any.
12. Parental support form- helping the institute in activities.
On registration , Seat will be confirmed once filled in application along with draft of Rs one lakh as part of fees and above forms are sent to the school office. Admission purely lies in the discretion of the management.

School office address,232, Nallur Village,
Near Mahabalipuram,
Thirukazhukundram Taluk,
Kanchipuram – 603 109,
Tamil Nadu, India.

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