About School

Chennai CBSE Residential SchoolsBest Residential School

An International Residential School, with CBSE Curriculum based on the Outskirts of Chennai to impart holistic education with hi-tech approach!


  • We are spread in 16 acres away from the city’s buzz. We live in beautiful buildings with fresh air around and experience the nature every day in and out.
  • We have learning centers with ample learning equipment and models with world class learning materials like learning cards , e-books, audio and video books at international standards.
  • We learn by doing and also through technology. Our book is our laptop. Posters make it easy to understand. Our smart sync classes help us to learn concepts better.
  • We write our self evaluations with ease and our gurus are there always to help us learn with clarity, which makes us realize our self , and enhances self discipline
  • We do participate in all our academic ,liberal arts, developmental activities and our campus living becomes enjoyable with activities that are involving, interactive, interesting, innovative, and inquiry based.
  • Our day starts with yoga and jogging classes, go through academics, pass through sports , gives peace of mind with value and spiritual classes, enhances personality with leadership work, have ample experiences, experimentation, examining with critical mind, exploring the environment, evolving our self actualization, emphasizing participation in every activity and ends with relaxing mood with reading a classic.