Academic Block

Aesthetically designed academic blocks with octagon learning centers, labs, libraries, assembly hall and Amphi Theater. It is horizontally laid for the comfort of the learners.

50 Minutes Learning

Our 50 fifty minutes learning has been scientifically divided into talking time, movement/observation time, understanding time, reading time, worksheet/writing time and recapitulation time.

8 Principles of Education

We emphasis on learning process than teaching methods, which would follow Vigyan,Vinay,
,Upaman,Kaal,Vyanjan,Arth Tadumara and Anidyanavan.

8 Characteristics of Education

Your child develops 8 characteristics of education such as Susurusha,Sravanam,Grahanam, Dharanam,Iha,Apoha,Artha,Vigyanam.

Our Management

Obeisance to our Guruji

It was on Varsh Panchami of Samvat year-1946 that Guruji was born. Gurudev believed in sincerity of thoughts and sanctity of action. “Om Shanti" was always on his lips. From the very beginning Gurudev shunned society, abhorred luxury and threw himself into seclusion and meditation. His introspective mind went in quest of the secret of real happiness. He took diksha at the early age of 16. He displayed supernatural powers. Service to humanity was his motto.

Message from Chairman

Education is to intended to be enjoyable. Global link and global citizenship is the order of the day, with aspiration to create a civilized world of peace & prosperity. Hence the future generations will depend on the inputs of the present, like how the present being driven with the rich heritage of the past. Our country is blessed with ancient and glorious civilization, full of knowledge, ethics and spirituality, imparting the best education to the entire world, through several gurukul’s and universities which existed all over our proud “Bharat".

Message from Director

Welcome to our gurukul. Join us for higher levels of achievement with holistic growth in an serene environment, freedom to learn in pragmatic way, with latest creative techniques, to become wise analyzers, collaborators, creative synthesizers, free agents, open minded, caring, risk takers, balanced and reflective individuals. We at “Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain Gurukul” will provide your child with favourite dishes as your mother does, give ample scientific knowledge in a utilitarian way with all fun learning techniques.


  • Sri VIMALCHANDJHABAKH I.R.S(retd) – President
  • Sri R.BABULAL MUNOTH – Vice President
  • Sri M.HARISH CHAND BETALA Vice – President
  • Sri P.GAUTAM CHAND VAID – Hony. Secretary
  • Sri K.UTTAM CHANDBAFNA – Asst.Secy

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